Student Visa Updates

5 Reasons to Choose Canada over USA for Students

Since the 80s, United States of America has reigned as the undisputable destination for higher education until aspirants across the world started finding other options for pursuing their international dream. Even though USA has long established itself as the best choice for higher education due to factors like cutting-edge infrastructure, exclusive R&D opportunities, and better […]

Countries Offering Post-Study Work Visa for Students.

An increasingly globalized world with seemingly unending opportunities and relaxed cross border laws has opened the doors of world class global education to millions of aspirants around the world. While studying abroad can have different implications for each individual, the most common factor driving an upsurge in demand for abroad education is the exposure to […]

Top 3 Countries for Indian Students Looking for Higher Studies?

Nelson Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. While the above-mentioned statement might have been used to encourage people with the perks of being educated and change ongoing backward norms, in today’s world it definitely has its own context. In this well-connected globalized world, education […]

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