Countries Offering Post-Study Work Visa for Students.

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An increasingly globalized world with seemingly unending opportunities and relaxed cross border laws has opened the doors of world class global education to millions of aspirants around the world. While studying abroad can have different implications for each individual, the most common factor driving an upsurge in demand for abroad education is the exposure to global network of new career opportunities.
Even though COVID-19 has caused many challenges for international students, it could not deter the young aspirants from embarking on their journey to global education. In fact, number of students earning a higher degree from a foreign country has increased 3-fold since the past 25 years. One of the most prominent reason behind this increase is the exposure to global work culture through a post study work permit.

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According to International Student Survey, about 40 percent of students cited post study work opportunity as the factor for higher studies.  

Availing post study work visa allows students to work in the country hosting their degree, at any profession and any job role, for a fixed period of time. There are many English-speaking countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, USA, and UK which offer post study work opportunities for few years. Read the rest of the article below to know more about countries offering post study work visa for international students:

New Zealand
New Zealand is one of most favored international study destinations offering many immigration opportunities. Depending on the qualification and the location of study, international students in New Zealand can get one, two, or years work visa. Acceptable qualifications include any program listed from level 4 or higher. Level 4 qualification denotes a certificate while a doctorate degree means level 10. If you have a work visa, you can work in any profession except anything demanding unethical act. Nevertheless, some of the most demanding professions are hospitality and tourism, food, agriculture, and animation.

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If you are able to get a job in an occupation where there is skill shortage, your chances of getting a permanent residence visa will be increased.

This visa can be obtained only once unless you have completed another qualification which took 30 weeks to complete. In fact, even if you are enrolled into any distance learning or off-campus program from a college or university in Auckland, you can get post study work visa.

With enormous amount of job opportunities, favorable conditions, relaxed regulations, and multi-cultural demography, Canada is one of the most sought-after countries for international settlement. You can get a post graduate work permit if you have graduated from a designated learning institute. You must either have a temporary visa status or prove evidence of full-time studies in Canada in case you have left the country.
Another eligibility requirement demands individuals should not receive funding from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and should complete more than 50 percent of their in-class credits. Length of the work permit depends on the length of the qualifying program. For instance, a 2-year master’s program can get you 3 years of work permit while a 1-year program gets you 1 year post graduate work permit. You need to apply for post graduate work permit 180 months from your graduation date.

Flouring economy, excellent job opportunities, and best universities in the world makes Australia another favorite destination for an abroad career and higher education. You need to apply for the work permit visa after completing your studies in below given couple of streams:

  1. Graduate Work: Recent graduates with skills and qualification relevant to specific demanded occupations are eligible for this work visa. Maximum length of stay is up to 18 months with this visa.
  2. Post-Study Work: International students graduating with a degree from an Australian institution can avail this visa. Length varies between two to four years depending on the qualification as given below:
    a. Bachelors’ or Master’s degree by coursework: 2 years of work permit.
    b. Research master’s degree: 3 years of work permit.
    c. PHD degree: 4 years of work permit.

Also, Hong Kong passport holders with a degree, diploma, or trade certification from an Australian institute can get 5 years of post-study work visa.

United Kingdom
Home to numerous reputed universities around the globe, United Kingdom is also a favorite destination for abroad education. Earlier, graduates were given only 4 months of work permit after graduation from a UK university. However, things have changed now and work permit has been extended to 2 years for graduates and 3 or 4 years for PhD.
With effect from 2020, international students, on Tier 4 visa and who have enrolled for courses from recognized UK educational institutes can apply for work visa after their studies. Also, Tier 2 work visa holders can stay longer post degree through an employer sponsorship scheme.

Ireland is an emerging international study destination for students with a socially and economically progressive culture. Headquarters to some of the top global tech and pharma companies, growing commerce, food, science, and arts industries, Ireland provides the most creative and agile professional experience to international students.
According to the Irish law, a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or college can get you 12 months of post-work visa while a post-graduate degree fetches you 2 years of work visa. Some of the sectors with easily available jobs are applied sciences, IT, telecommunications, and pharmaceuticals.

United States of America
Diverse study programs, flexible and quality education system, multi-cultural environment, and unique curriculum are the reasons why many international students want to study in USA. Though there isn’t a specific post-study work visa, international students on F-1 visa can work for certain period of time under the Optional Practical Training (OPT) scheme.
The OPT visa allows eligible graduates to work for one year after completion of degree while STEM graduates get an additional two years for employment in USA.

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Countries Offering Post-Study Work Visa for Students.

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