How Can We Migrate To US With Canada PR Visa

How Can We Migrate To US With Canada PR Visa

United States of America and Canada have long been the most preferred places for migration. Greater employment opportunities, economic growth, access to universal healthcare, and better quality of life are some of the reasons which urge people around the globe to move to any of these countries. In fact, considering the finely indistinguishable opportunities provided by both the countries, it is really hard to make an informed decision about choosing the right destination. This is made easier when you compare factors like affordability, professional growth, quality of life, and many other benefits between the two countries. Below table shows a comparison between each country for different factors.

By now, you must have been actually confused about making the right decision of migrating to the country of your dreams. Till last year, with stringent immigration policies, migrating to USA was a tough nut to crack. However, now with a change of regime, even that has eased with the Government’s efforts to rebuild America’s image as a land of legal immigrants.
So, instead of advocating for any one particular country, I will better leave the option to you. Nonetheless, this article is intended for Canadian PR holders who wish to immigrate to the US.

Why do people move from Canada to USA?
While Canada is the most immigrant friendly country with a wealth of benefits like free healthcare, high quality education, ease of citizenship, and more, influx of people from Canada to USA is still on a steady rise. One of the main reasons is the booming manufacturing sector in USA which promises to give employment to a large number of foreigners. Another noteworthy reason is the climate, which is quite warmer down South compared to that of Canada.

Moving from Canada to US with Canadian PR
With the advent of many Canada PR Visa Consultants and USA Visa Consultants, immigrating to Canada or to the USA is now relatively easy. If you are a Canadian citizen, you can enter USA on different types of visas. In fact, Canadians do not require a US travel visa and are also given access to pre-flight inspection which saves them from the hassles of denied entry.

It is easy for Canadian PR holders to move to USA once they receive citizenship status from Canada. To become a citizen of Canada, a PR holder needs to have at least 3 years of employment in Canada. Once citizenship is attained, individuals can move to USA through a TN1 visa provided they have a valid job offer in an eligible profession, from a US employer. Validity of the TN1 visa is up to three years and can be renewed as many times as per the requirement. However, length of the TN1 visa can also be decided by the US immigration officials based on the context of the occupation for which the candidate is given a job offer.

Requirements for a TN Visa Holder
A TN Visa holder has to provide certain documents at the port of entry:

  1. Copy of a passport with valid I-94 form.
  2. Employment offer letter from the US employer.
  3. Recent pay slips and reference letters from US employer.

Also, TN Visa Holders can bring their spouse and kids to the USA until validity of the TN visa. A dependent family member can apply for a TD visa which allows them to study at an American institute without applying for student visa. However, a TD visa holder cannot work in Canada. A dependent can extend their visa if their passport validity extends beyond the period of stay. A TD visa holder can show his or her dependence by providing the following documents:

  1. Originals and copies of marriage certificate (In case of spouse).
  2. Originals and copies of birth certificates (In case of children).
  3. Evidence of marriage in form of photos, guest list, etc.
  4. Valid passports or travel documents.

Both TN visa and TD visa can be applied directly at the port of entry wherein the applicants must show proof of their Canadian citizenship. In fact, there is no yearly limit on the number of applications and application fees are also affordable. Another requirement for TN visa is to have a post-secondary degree applicable to the job in USA. Note that the degree must be earned through an accredited educational institution in Canada. In case, you don’t have a degree, your can prove your credibility with an equivalent professional experience.

Also, while applying for TN visa, you must prove your non-immigrant intent to the US immigration authorities. This might sound contrasting with the unlimited extension provision of TN visa. Gateway Visas provides you with the required legal assistance to help you transit from TN status to permanent residence in USA, without affecting your TN status.

Ways to extend your TN Stay
As mentioned above, extending TN stay is possible unlimited times and the process is very streamlined. Below given are two options to extend TN visa stay:

  1. Your employer should file an I-129 extension petition with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS) and once it is confirmed that your work satisfies the TN requirements, your request will be granted. The petition should be filed as early as 6 months before TN status expiry.
  2. You can leave United States of America and reapply for a TN visa at any port of entry. However, your application should be pretty strong to prove that the US job offer indeed satisfies TN requirements.

How Gateway Visas can help you move to US with Canadian PR

We are one of the most trusted and reliable US immigration consultant & helping you in your journey from Canadian permanent residency to US permanent residency. We provide you with the required documentation and process support to successfully obtain TN visa and even provide assistance to attain permanent residency application. Our support begins with assessing your case for TN Visa application.

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How Can We Migrate To US With Canada PR Visa

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